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Urgent action is needed on the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. 

Congress is considering loopholes that could allow companies to evade responsibility for cleaning up their cancer-causing PFAS chemicals. With an estimated 200 million Americans affected by PFAS-contaminated water, and the persistence of these chemicals in our environment indefinitely, we must act now.

Senators are considering bills that provide exemptions to water utilities, farmers, airports, landfills and fire training centers. That's bad enough. But these exemptions would also lead to even more loopholes for other companies using PFAS and other hazardous substances – and make it harder to clean up affected communities.

Introducing loopholes into federal pollution cleanup laws for certain PFAS polluters would shift the burden of paying for cleanup to taxpayers while removing incentives for these polluters to prevent further PFAS pollution.

Join the cause today and help your community by submitting here to our representatives!

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